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4 Things to Look For When Inspecting Your Engine Oil

Whether you know much about cars or not, it is effortless to check your engine oil using the dipstick found under the hood. If you have issues finding the dipstick, please refer to your owner's manual for further instructions. It is highly recommended that you take several minutes every month or so to monitor your engine oil. Doing so can give you better insight into your engine's health. Here are the four things you should look for when examining your engine oil:



The first thing to make a note of is the oil level. The dipstick has markings on it to show you the ideal level range for your car. If it is below the markings, then you must add oil to it immediately. Whatever the situation, a low oil level is worth getting looked at by an auto pro.



New oil will usually be a light brown/golden color. If your engine oil looks too dark, discolored, or contaminated in any way, then it's probably time for an oil change. If it looks milky, then you may have a radiator coolant leak. Please have this issue inspected and diagnosed by technicians as soon as you can. 



Besides its color, you should examine the oil's consistency. It should be smooth, translucent, and dense. If the oil seems thick and sticky, you must exchange the oil and oil filter soon to prevent engine damage. Unclean oil can lead to severe internal damage if neglected.



Motor oil usually has a neutral smell that may vary depending on what type of oil is used. However, if it smells burnt or pungent like gasoline, it could indicate that there's a leak and it's time for an oil change.


Overall, it's straightforward to check your oil. If you notice that your oil looks or smells suspicious, then we recommend that you schedule an inspection with a trusted auto shop like Central Import Automotive. Otherwise, old oil won't do what it is supposed to do, and you can be facing severe engine problems and costly repairs. 


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