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The Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Schedule

Basic Information for All Mercedes Owners Regular maintenance is an important part of taking care of any vehicle. For your Mercedes-Benz, keeping up with the manufacturer-recommended schedule can help you avoid costly Mercedes repair services. The schedule is broken into two types of service: A and B. Below is a little information on what to expect with each service type. A-Service Your Mercedes is equipment with a Flexible Service System that monitors your vehicle and recommends the right time for each service. Typically, you will need your first A-service at around 10,000 miles or one year of ownership. Following this, it will pop up every 20,000 miles or two years approximately. The A-service is the lesser of the two service types. These are the maintenance tasks you can expect: Motor oil change Oil filter change Fluid-level check and correction Tire-inflation check and correction Brake inspection Maintenance counter reset Some of the specifics of this service may depend o ... read more