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Common Car Problems That Occur in Autumn

While many of you may be changing out your attire for boots and jackets in the next upcoming months, we want to remind you to tend to your car as well. With Autumn right around the corner, you should be aware of the troubles that come along with the wind chills, fallen leaves, etc.


Here are some of the auto maintenance tasks that you should prioritize this fall to avoid problems later on. 

Problem #1: Leaves

Who doesn’t enjoy the changing colors of the leaves in Toronto this time of year? It is important to note that they won’t stay on the leaves for long. When the leaves start to fall and cover the grounds (and our cars), it can pose a major hazard on the road. To stay safe, proceed with caution when driving over slippery leaves. Furthermore, remove any leaves that get stuck to your car’s windshield and body.

Problem #2: Weak Battery

When colder weather comes around, car batteries seem to die out of the blue. This is because your battery took a hit from the summer heat. If you haven’t physically tested or inspected your battery, then it can be a huge mistake. Not to mention the cooler weather will slow down your battery’s output. Therefore, please remember to have your battery tested and recharged properly.

Problem #3: Bad Windshield Wipers

Many drivers will struggle to have their windshield wipers work properly. In some cases, they could have gotten warped from sitting out in the summer heat. But most of the time, people tend to wait way too long before changing their windshield wiper blades. If they can no longer clear off your windscreen or are at least one year old, please replace them. 

Problem #4: Low or Leaking Fluid

Car fluids are important any and every season. You should know that colder weather tends to put more strain on your vehicle. Therefore, your car needs a steady flow of motor oil and transmission fluid to minimize friction. You may also consider flushing your radiator fluid and brake fluid to ensure a smooth and safe ride. Additionally, consider changing your windshield washer fluid that is more resistant to freezing temperatures. 


If you need help with any vehicle maintenance before Autumn, please bring your vehicle to the expert team at Central Import Automotive soon.