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Do You Need Winter Tires in Toronto, ON?

Besides knowing that winter tires are made for the winter (duh), do you know the difference and their benefits?Today, we will go in-depth about how necessary it is to have winter tires for winter weather driving. Similar to how we have to pull out our boots and coats for the winter, we must dress our car for the weather. Winter tires are one of the most effective means to enhance your vehicles' traction on the wet, icy, snowy, slippery winter road. While winter tires are considered an additional expense, it's 100% worth the investment if you consider the other expenses resulting from poor tires. Three unique characteristics differentiate winter tires from your everyday tires: the rubber, the edges, and the tread


Snow tires are made of a softer rubber that stays flexible to preserve traction in cold weather. Winter tires can keep your vehicle from fishtailing and sliding on ice. All-weather tires, on the other hand, are overly firm to take on the winter roads. 


The edges of your tires should be considered, especially if you take frequent turns. When you do it at higher speeds, your tires expand from shifting the vehicle weight and the force of the turn itself. If you are running all-weather tires, the edge of these tires is more likely to slip and lose traction. Winter weather tires have more slithers and a rougher consistency on their borders that will help you make seamless turns in the snow.


All-season tires have more shallow treads that work well in warm or moderate weather. Winter tires, however, have deeper treads that can direct snow, sleet, and water off the tires to prevent mishaps, like hydroplaning. These tire treads can plow through snow with no problem.

Is It Worth It?

Winter tires are super beneficial in areas where snow is expected, such as Toronto, ON. Tire manufacturers recommend winter tires for places with temperatures that fall below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. If snow falls more than several times per year where you live, and your lifestyle requires you to drive through it, snow tires can make a significant difference.


You can overcome the Toronto winters with ease by getting your vehicle outfitted with a fabulous pair of winter tires. For all your tire services, please consider Central Import Automotive for the job!