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Don't Forget to Check On Your Cooling System This Winter

As Toronto residents may know, the cold winter is on its way here. Now is the ideal time to check up on your automobile before the freezing temperatures kick in. One major component that every driver should check on this winter is the cooling system.

The cooling system is comprised of coolant, radiator, heater core, and more. These parts work together to maintain a suitable engine temperature while the engine is working hard. You also need to rely on this system more during the winter since they play a big role in providing you with cabin heat and defrosters. Here's what you should do to ensure your cooling system stays unproblematic throughout the winter:

Tip #1 - Look Out for Coolant Leaks

Coolant, or antifreeze, leaks are more common than you may think. Coolant solution is typically vibrant in color, so it won't be hard for anyone to miss. If you see a bright green-ish puddle around your car, you should bring it to a certified mechanic for a proper inspection.

Tip #2 - Monitor Fluid Levels

Like all your other important car fluids, you need a sufficient amount of coolant for it to do its job. Over time, the fluid can also get dirty, contaminated, or smell burnt. If you have concerns about your coolant, feel free to ask one of our mechanics to take a look following your next maintenance service. 

Tip #3 - Inspect the Belts, Seals, and Hoses

Your vehicle has countless belts, seals, and hoses, and some of them exist within the cooling system. These parts are mostly made of rubber and plastic, making them very susceptible to damage. That's why it would be wise to inspect and replace any of these damaged parts when necessary.


Car Cooling System Inspection and Repairs in Toronto, ON

While you may be busy during the holidays, it doesn't hurt to check up on your car's cooling system. Have peace of mind by asking one of our trusted auto repair technicians at Central Import Automotive to inspect your cooling system. We can examine all the components and refill or flush the coolant if needed. For honest and reliable auto services, please call us at (647) 370-2423 or visit Central Import Automotive today!