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How to Transition Your Vehicle from Winter to Spring

Spring is finally here in Toronto, which means drivers should take steps to prepare their vehicles for the warmer season. The winter was probably harsh on your car, and it is time to spring clean and renew your vehicle. Here are some of our top tips to transition your vehicle from winter to spring:

  1. Wash your car. Nothing screams "spring cleaning" more than a thorough car wash. Whether you wash it by hand or visit a car wash, you must remove all the lingering debris and road salt to prevent damage. Furthermore, your undercarriage needs extra attention as well. 
  2. Check your tire pressure. Your tire pressure fluctuates a lot throughout the seasons, so it is important you check it periodically. You can find the automaker's psi recommendations on the driver's door jamb sticker.
  3. Replace windshield wiper blades and fluid. You probably heavily relied on your windshield wipers to clear off the snow throughout the winter. If you notice them streaking or squeaking, it is time to replace them. Additionally, it would help to top off your windshield washer solvent too.
  4. Test your battery. It is good to check your battery to see how much power it can hold. It'll give you a good idea of when to change it. Additionally, it allows you to check and clean off corrosion.
  5. Change the motor oil. It doesn't take an expert to know that oil changes are the most important maintenance item you can get for your ride. Sometimes, you require different viscosity lubricants for warm and cold temperatures.

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