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Is It Time to Have Your Brakes Serviced?

No matter what kind of car, SUV, or truck you drive, your brakes are the most important safety feature. To ensure they work year-round and through the harsh Toronto winters, you must get regular brake maintenance.

Experts typically recommend brake maintenance to be done every 4 to 6 months. Some brake items that you may need include the following:

  • Brake pad/shoe replacement
  • Brake rotor resurfacing
  • Brake fluid top-off or change
  • Inspection of all braking components, including the master cylinder
  • Brake caliper removal and inspection
  • ... & More.

If you lost track of when you last had your braking system checked, it might be time to do so. Or you can be out on the lookout for the following signs of brake issues:

Strange Noises

Squealing, squeaking, or grindingwhenever you engage your brakes is not normal. If you notice your brakes giving off weird sounds, you may need to have brake pads or other parts replaced. Please come into our auto repair shop for a brake inspection.

Longer Than Usual Braking Time

A longer than normal braking reaction is an immediate red flag that something is wrong with your brakes. It can be due to any of your brake parts, including low fluid, so be sure to take it to a professional to help you uncover the problem behind your delayed brakes. 

Odd Feeling Brake Pedal

If your brake pedal vibrates or feels soft or mushy, you have a brake problem on your hands. The shakiness may be due to warped rotors, whereas a spongy brake pedal may indicate low fluid.

Vehicle Pulling to One Side

If your vehicle pulls left or right when you press on the brakes,it's a tell-tale sign that your brake pads/shoes have worn unevenly. In some cases, it can be due to a problem with the cylinder. An inspection at our Toronto brake repair shop will let you know for sure.

ABS Light Comes On

Finally, if your dashboard alerts you of a brake problem through an ABS warning light or message, there's no doubt that you need your brakes serviced. Don't forget to make your appointment with a trusted auto repair shop ASAP.


Neglecting brake maintenance and repairs can be extremely unsafe. Our certified technicians can help ensure your vehicle has safe and effective braking year-round. We invite you to come to Central Import Automotive for all your brake needs.