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Signs of Starter Failure

Every wonderful drive that you have enjoyed in your life started with a successful operation of the starter. The starter is a small, battery-powered motor whose job is to get your engine running. Between the starter motor and the battery is a starter relay that transmits power. If the starter relay is faulty, you won't even manage to drive your car from the parking lot without a tow or a jump-start, and therefore, you will need to seek the assistance of a mechanic. Below are some of the common signs of a bad starter.

Grinding Noise When Starting

Grinding noise when trying to start your car is an indication that the gears that connect the flywheel and the starter could be worn out. However, in some cases, grinding might be happening inside the starter motor. But in either case, this is an issue that cannot be fixed on your car, and therefore, it is wise for you to contact a mechanic for the most appropriate steps to take.

Freewheeling When Starting

If you get a whining sound when trying to crank the engine, then your car is having a problem that experts call freewheeling. It simply means that your car's starter is not engaging the freewheel. If nothing is done immediately, you may eventually be forced to change the entire unit.

Smoke and Smell from Underneath the Engine

A starter is a mechanical gadget that is powered by electricity. If it does not stop after the engine has started running, it may overheat. When this happens, you might smell smoke or even see it coming from underneath the engine. If the issue is not fixed in time, you will soon not be able to start your car, and therefore, it is wise for you to get in touch with a mechanic before the issue gets out of hand.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that the starter is an integral component of your car. When it has an issue, it may be impossible for you to start your car. If you need starting or charging system repair, feel free to bring your vehicle to our auto shop today.