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Signs Your BMW Has a Coolant Leak

High-end performance vehicles such as BMWs require consistent maintenance and service for longevity and efficiency. For top engine performance, clean coolant is essential. The engine has hot, moving metal parts, and the coolant helps regulate your engine’s temperature. While BMW is designed to last for several years, over time, it can develop leaks. Coolant leaks can have a significant impact on your engine’s operation. Below are a few common signs that indicate your BMW has a coolant leak. 

Contaminated Engine Oil

If there’s a faulty seal or valve, the coolant can seep out into the engine oil. This can cause a major problem. If coolant contaminates the engine oil, it will become diluted and become less effective at lubricating the engine. Coolant has properties within its ingredients that strip the engine of the oil of its lubrication prosperities that can cause your metal engine parts to corrode prematurely.


If there’s a coolant leak, the engine won’t be able to cool itself properly. As coolant leaks out, the engine will overheat. A major sign that your engine is overheating is smoke coming from your exhaust or the engine. Look at the dashboard, and check the temperature. If the temperature icon is pointing in the red, your BMW is overheating and needs professional attention. 

Decreased Fuel Efficiency

A slow coolant leak may have effects that appear over time. If you find yourself needed to take extra trips to the gas station, you should consider checking the coolant. A decrease in fuel efficiency can be due to various problems, and a coolant leak can be a contributing factor. 

Noticeable Leak

Coolant is usually lime green and sweet-smelling. If you park your vehicle and return, coolant would be noticeable under your BMW near the front of your car. If you recently drove for a distance, there may also be an accompanying sizzling sound. Leaked fluid should always be brought in for an inspection. 

Coolant leak in Toronto, ON 

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