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The Best Luxury Sedans Of 2023

We are already one quarter into 2023, and we have some news for you. If you are either looking for a new sedan or just want to stay up-to-date on the latest news, this is the right place. Below, we will take a look at three of the best luxury sedans of 2023: one from BMW, one from Audi, and one from Mercedes. Each one is a little bit different, so you will most certainly find the one for you!

#1 2023 Mercedes-AMG S580 - 4MATIC

Starting from the exterior, it comes in a brand new color option (selenite gray), but stays true to the shapes and salute of an S-class. It's equipped with a 4.0L V8 Biturbo with a mild hybrid drive system, making a respectable 496 HP. The transmission is, of course, automatic, 9-speed (9G-TRONIC), and has an AWD drive configuration. When talking about the interior, this is the most beautiful and luxurious of the three. That makes it a great pick for someone who doesn't want to have the dreadful feeling of driving while doing it.

#2 BMW 760i

When talking about the new 760i, we have to first take a look at the interior, rather than the exterior. To be fair, it's unique and a completely different approach from BMW. It's elegant yet sporty, and it has a very innovative ambient lighting system. Moving on to the engine and power department, we can see a 4.4L Twin Turbo Gas/Electric V-8 - making 536 HP. That's paired up with an 8-speed automatic transmission to make driving as good as possible. You can say that this pick from BMW is the perfect balance between luxury, sports, and performance.

#3 2023 Audi S8

Just like any other Audi, its interior is sporty and sleek. And from the outside, it can be quite a calm-looking car, but it's all but that. It has the most horsepower out of the three - 563, to be exact. The engine is a V8 Turbo 4.0 Liter TFSI, and the transmission - an 8-speed automatic. This pick is for sure aimed at those of you who want to experience driving as it is, and it performs really well, catching up to Lambos and Ferraris on the road.

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