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What Are The Different Types of Motor Oil?

When it comes to oil changes, you should always follow your manufacturer’s recommended intervals. Furthermore, it is even more important that you use the right type of oil each time. When it is time to take your car, SUV, or truck to an auto repair shop, have confidence that the repair specialists at Central Import Automotive in Toronto, ON will do it right. 


There are three main types of engine oil: synthetic, semi-synthetic, and conventional. In this blog, we will go over the different characteristics of each.


Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is chemically engineered in a lab to be more consistent and longer lasting. Synthetic oils have additives that can boost performance, minimize heat and friction, and prevent corrosion. Newer vehicles or vehicles with high-performing engines require synthetic oil. The only downside of synthetic oil is that they are the most expensive type on the market. The higher price tag may be unappealing for some, but its durability extends the time between each oil change, which can save you money in the long run. And you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your engine is getting the very best!


Conventional Oil

Conventional oils have existed in the industry for decades, and they are still being utilized today. For older model automobiles with simplistic engine designs, this type of oil is typically recommended. Conventional oil is the cheapest of all the oils. The downside to conventional oil is that they are less consistent in formulation and tend to have a heavier flow, which can clog engines quicker. They aren’t as resistant to extreme conditions as the other types of motor oil.


Semi-Synthetic Oil

Semi-synthetic motor oil is essentially a combination of synthetic oil and conventional oil. They can have some of the additives and benefits of synthetic oil with a lower price. Semi-synthetic oil is a cost-effective option for vehicle owners who aren’t ready to fully convert. 


The consensus is that switching from conventional oil to semi- or fully synthetic oil is completely safe. If you need an oil change or have any questions regarding our oil services, we welcome you to give Central Import Automotive a call or visit today!