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What are the Most Common BMW Problems?

BMW has always maintained an incredible level of performance and power wrapped up in a classy, sporty appeal. The cars are also known for their comfort, ease of handling, and everything you need to make a great impression. However, like all other cars, BMWs come with their fair share of problems and mechanical complications. Here are some of the most common BMW problems to help you know when to call a mechanic.

Oil Leaks

If you have been with your BMW for quite some time, you have probably experienced the notorious oil leaks first hand. In most cases, you will notice a small oil puddle under your car or the smell of burning oil as you drive. BMW oil leaks could be a sign that your car's fuel pump is failing, or you have a leaking valve cover gasket that a certified technician can handle within no time.

BMW Engine Cooling System Problems

Overheating is another great problem experienced by BMW owners. While such cases are common with non-turbo models, they are even more prevalent with the new turbo engines. The engines are said to generate excess heat, which tends to stress the cars' cooling systems. Problems with the cooling system could indicate certain issues, including a faulty water tank or a leaking coolant.

Steering Wheel Vibrates Extensively after Braking

Here is another great problem, especially with the BMW 3 series. The steering will shake excessively, especially after braking, which mostly signifies a problem with one of the thrush arm bushings. Please note that these rubber units are very crucial constituents of the suspension system and will fail after 75000 miles if left unattended.

Tail Lights BMW Problems

If there is a "check rear lamp or Break lamp" message on your dashboard, your BMW most probably has a faulty tail lamp. But do not fret, as this could just be a problem with the bulb connection at the tail lamp circuit board, which our certified mechanics can quickly fix.

It is inarguable that BMW is one of the most fashionable superior brands around the globe. As such, maintaining it at its best shape for the utmost functionality is fundamental. If you need BMW service, we invite you to bring your car to our auto repair shop today.