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What are the Signs of Bad Fuel Injectors?

Fuel injectors are important to car owners since they enable cars to use fuel efficiently. An injector acts as a spray nozzle, breaking up the fuel into a fine spray. Apart from increasing car engine lifespans, fuel injectors enable throttle response increases, thus providing the appropriate power necessary to trigger the required revolutions per minute.

Restoring a damaged or clogged fuel injector may be costly to the car owner. To avoid incurring such expenses, car owners should get some insights on indicators of a defective fuel injector and seek assistance from a proficient automotive technician.

Engine Stalls or Rough Idle
Having your engine stall can leave you stranded in the middle of the road nowhere or in tight traffic. Also, your car may lose the power to trigger brakes and the steering wheel, limiting your ability to move the vehicle. In 2019, over 86,000 Jeep Cherokee SUVs were recalled due to faulty software that caused the vehicles to stall when drivers slowed down while stopping. Additionally, an ignition misfire can make your engine stall at idle. When a vehicle fails to get sufficient fuel burning, the impact is an uneven or rough violent idle. You should get a specialist to address such issues.

The Engine Misfire
Engine misfires can be caused by an interruption of the air-to-fuel ratio inside the combustion chamber of the affected cylinders. This results in inappropriate fuel combustion in one or more engine cylinders. Afterward, the vehicle struggles to locomote or you can experience a halt after stepping onto the gas pedestal. If this happens, you should communicate the problem to a trained technician. Otherwise, you may be looking at huge problems, including engine overheating.

Fuel Odor
When fuel fails to burn due to a faulty injector, the smell, which usually originates from your car's fuel line, goes high. Car owners should be keen to detect fuel odor and have a maintenance mechanic fix it early enough to curb the issue from developing into a safety hazard.

Bottom Line
The efficient burning of fuel helps prevent environmental pollution. For that reason, car owners should ensure proper maintenance of fuel injectors to avoid possible damages. If you need fuel injector repair performed, we invite you to bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop today!