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What are the Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Driveshaft?

Various automobile components function to transfer the power generated by the engine to the wheels. A driveshaft is one of them. Also known as a propeller shaft, it is a rod-like part of the drivetrain and connects its different components, namely, transmission, axles, and differential with one another. The main function of the driveshaft is to convey the engine's rotational power from the transmission to the axles of the wheel.

Driveshafts are commonly found in rear-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicles because the transmission and axle are situated in separate areas in these vehicles, requiring a driveshaft to connect the parts and transmit power. Since driveshaft works by rotating at high speed and torque over long distances, joints, splines, and couplings are incorporated in driveshaft assembly to provide flexibility and stress-bearing ability.

Here are some of the symptoms that appear when a driveshaft fails or gets damaged:

The driver may experience unusual and strong vibrations originating from under the vehicle.

It is the most prominent sign of a damaged driveshaft. The chief reason for these vibrations is damaged or loose universal joints and bushings. Another possible reason for the vibrations is an unbalanced driveshaft.

There is a limitation in steering or turning the vehicle.

A failing universal joint is unable to deliver the required amount of torque and makes turning the vehicle difficult by adding more resistance. This causes trouble controlling the vehicle when driving and is a safety concern.

The vehicle produces unusual noises.

These abnormal sounds range from squeaking, clanking, rattling, or knocking. The bearings that support the driveshaft joints wear off and prevent the joints from rotating properly, resulting in abnormal sounds.

Accelerating the vehicle causes it to shake or shudder.

A damaged universal joint or central bearing sends a shudder or shake when the vehicle is accelerated from the stop or low-speed position. This finding often coincides with a strange sound, confirming a faulty driveshaft.

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A faultless driveshaft is essential for safe and optimal vehicle operations, and any damage in it can spell disaster for the vehicle. It is important to consult a professional mechanic who can inspect the driveshaft assembly and perform necessary repairs. If you need driveshaft repair, give our auto repair shop a call today!