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What causes a clunking noise when going over bumps?

Is your car producing clunking noises when going over bumps? This can be quite annoying, but it is not just a mere inconvenience; it could be a serious mechanical issue. In most cases, it is a symptom of an issue with the suspension system. It might be that a part of the suspension system is loose or even broken, and therefore, you may need to seek the assistance of a mechanic as soon as you can.

What Causes Clunking Noises?

As mentioned above, the most likely origin of the clunking noises when your car is going over bumps is within the suspension system. However, the suspension is quite a complex system with many parts, including the springs, wheels, shock absorbers, Rods, joints, bearing, bushings, and the steering system, among others. Therefore, when your car is producing some clunking noises, locating the exact cause of the problems can be quite a daunting task. But generally, clunking noises when going over a bump are associated with issues such as;

  • Faulty ball joints
  • Loose body mounts
  • Worn-out or damaged control arm bushing
  • Broken or worn-out leaf spring shackles
  • Worn-out or damaged shock absorbers
  • Damaged or worn-our struts

Diagnosing Clunking Noises

It is worth noting that the list above is not exhaustive. Therefore, it is still possible that the clunking noises when going over bumps could be coming from a different issue. For you to know the exact cause of the noises, you may have to conduct a road test to listen to noises more attentively. But before doing so, it is important for you to check around your car to ensure that nothing is falling off. If you have difficulty diagnosing the issue, then it is wise for you to see a mechanic as soon as possible.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that clunking noises can be annoying, and they can signify a more serious issue with your suspension system. Therefore, when your car starts to produce such noises, you need to get the issue diagnosed and fixed as soon as possible. If you need vehicle repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop today