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The experience I had with here was nice. I hope to return to enjoy more services. The staff I met was very friendly and hospitable, they answered all my questions explicitly and was kind to show me around. I left with my vehicle back in top condition.


I purchased my Range Rover privately and therefor had to find a reliable repair shop when tune ups were necessary. Happy to say I've used Central Imports for the past year and their service has been exceptional. Great staff as well, thanks guys!


I brought my 2005 c230 kompressor coupe to the Mercedes Benz dealership for what they called a "Campaign" - basically a recall due to a malfunction where one of the parts allowed oil to leak into the wires and into the computer. The "Campaign" replaced the computer and they cleaned the electrical wires/connectors, etc. Yet after the "campaign work was done, the car kept running like a tractor and the engine light kept coming on. I returned to the Mercedes dealer a few times - they said it's time to get a new car... THEN I went to Central Import, they looked at it, noted that the electrical wires (all from the dealership "Campaign" were not attached properly - they simply attached them properly and the car runs as if it is brand new. I find them to be the most honest of all service people I have worked with, the pricing in line with the quality of work and in fact am very pleased to have been referred to them from a friend!


Thanks for the info,brought my recently purchased used ml320 for an inspection and to make an appointment for a oil change they are close by( my regular mechanic is half hour drive).The technician immediately ,violently cranked on my water pump fan telling me it was lose and needed replacement immediately or my engine may fall out on the highway costing me thousands in repairs.The fastest diagnostic I have ever seen. Took my ml320 to my mechanic of 20 years prior to purchasing ;when I told him of my experience he chuckled telling me that this was a common scam and not to worry my water pump was fine .Told me to bring my truck in to make sure that they did not damage anything. Will not be using central imports.BEWARE of the CONS and SCAMS


My family have been loyal customers for well over 20 years, bringing our cars to Central Import the moment they're out of warranty, and also bringing potential purchases to be checked out for an opinion. We've had Hondas, Mazdas, Volvos, VWs and BMWs (oh yeah, and an Oldsmobile, if anyone knows what that is ;)) serviced, virtually always perfectly. The one or two rare times things weren't fixed right they were rectified immediately to our satisfaction. We've never felt anything but well advised and fairly treated; I don't think we've ever paid for unnecessary work. Why 4 stars and not 5? Despite the trust and loyalty, despite the fact that I know you get what you pay for, my limited budget may be forcing me to explore cheaper alternatives as Central's hourly labour rate is cca $100. So no complaints, great service, but I'm not sure I can always afford to fly business class, sometimes I have to fly coach :). But if this price works for you, don't hesitate.