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Signs Your BMW Has a Coolant Leak

Signs Your BMW Has a Coolant Leak

High-end performance vehicles such as BMWs require consistent maintenance and service for longevity and efficiency. For top engine performance, clean coolant is essential. The engine has hot, moving metal parts, and the coolant helps regulate your engine’s temperature. While BMW is designed to last for several years, over time, it can develop leaks. Coolant leaks can have a significant impact on your engine’s operation. Below are a few common signs that indicate your BMW has a coolant leak.  Contaminated Engine Oil If there’s a faulty seal or valve, the coolant can seep out into the engine oil. This can cause a major problem. If coolant contaminates the engine oil, it will become diluted and become less effective at lubricating the engine. Coolant has properties within its ingredients that strip the engine of the oil of its lubrication prosperities that can cause your metal engine parts to corrode prematurely ... read more


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The Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Schedule

Basic Information for All Mercedes Owners Regular maintenance is an important part of taking care of any vehicle. For your Mercedes-Benz, keeping up with the manufacturer-recommended schedule can help you avoid costly Mercedes repair services. The schedule is broken into two types of service: A and B. Below is a little information on what to expect with each service type. A-Service Your Mercedes is equipment with a Flexible Service System that monitors your vehicle and recommends the right time for each service. Typically, you will need your first A-service at around 10,000 miles or one year of ownership. Following this, it will pop up every 20,000 miles or two years approximately. The A-service is the lesser of the two service types. These are the maintenance tasks you can expect: Motor oil change Oil filter change Fluid-level check and correction Tire-inflation check and correction Brake inspection Maintenance counter reset Some of the specifics of this service may depend o ... read more

The Reliability of Your Volvo

What To Expect When Purchasing A New Volvo Volvo has a reputation for building outstanding cars that last a long time. When it comes to reliability tests, however, they tend to have an average rank. While it’s less likely that a Volvo will completely break down than other cars, many new owners report needing Volvo repair, even within the first year of ownership. Time Off-Road Volvo owners tend to take their cars into the shop a lot. While the need for repair is reported as frequent, the severity of the problems that bring customers to Central Import in Toronto, Ontario, is often minor. These repairs, therefore, can usually be completed relatively quickly, letting you get back on the road in a short amount of time. Initial Volvo Repair First-generation models especially seem to need repairs more often. The first time a model is produced, there are bound to be some kinks to work out that get corrected by subsequent releases ... read more


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Understanding BMW’s “Service Engine Soon” Light

What to Do There is nothing quite as stressful as driving down the road and hearing an unfamiliar “ding,” only to realize it’s your BMW’s check engine light. If you’re not used to the light (and hopefully, you aren’t), you may be unsure of how to handle the situation. Use this small guide from the pros at Central Import in Toronto, ON to help you determine what to do next. Deciding Whether to Pull Over Whether or not you pull over depends on what else is going on. If the light comes on but the car is driving well and there is no indication that the engine is overheating, it’s likely safe to keep driving until you get home. Most of the time, a “check engine” light coming on doesn’t mean the car is having an imminent problem but that one could be on the horizon. You should still schedule service as soon as possible. Signs of Imminent Danger Sometimes, there is a ... read more

The Achilles Heel of Audi

What to Know About Carbon Build-Up Throughout the world, Audi vehicles have been the envy of many auto enthusiasts. Known for their futuristic, tech-oriented design and quality performance, Audi is one of the most sought after luxury vehicles in the market today. But all quality vehicles have a weakness, and Audi’s weakness is carbon build-up, which could harm the vehicle’s performance and your driving experience. At Central Import, we believe the best way to prevent the issue is to know everything about it. Here’s everything you need to know about carbon build-up and how you can prevent it! Why It Happens Since all Audi’s utilize a direct injection engine, they are much more susceptible to carbon build-up as they lose a lot of efficiency as the miles start to pack on. Over time, fuel is injected directly into the cylinders and due to the direct injection, fuel and it’s cleaning additives aren’t allowed in to help clean the valve and port. This is ... read more


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