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Welcome to Central Import!

With over 40 years of expertise, Central Import is your trusted European auto specialist in Toronto. We provide top-tier service and maintenance, backed by state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and professional training. Our commitment to excellence extends to our customers, treating them like family and friends. We take pride in supporting our local community and aim to exceed all service expectations.

Experience award-winning service at Central Import, where your high-end import receives the care it deserves. Schedule your appointment today to keep your vehicle in peak performance.

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Our Customer Reviews

I highly recommend Central Import! They are approachable and transparent about exactly what my old truck needed fixed, and took the time to explain to a non-car person what the best next steps were and what they would recommend.

Natalie Drajewicz Feb 2, 2024

I received excellent service and quick turn around. I will definitely use Des again.

Karen Gruson Feb 2, 2024

The team at central import always take care of you. They explain in detail the repair and are a great dealer alternative. Always a friendly experience with them. Desmond is extremely helpful.

STEFAN C Feb 2, 2024

Great work and service

Jon Lee Feb 2, 2024

A little pricier than some places but they're specialized and definitely know their stuff for European cars. Would recommend.

Tara Valentina Feb 2, 2024

I use Central Import as my Go To Mechanics for my Audi S5 because the service I receive there is EXCELLENT. Desmond and his mechanics are informative , knowledgeable and honest . I had an issue with my Audi S5 that other shops ( and Audi Service Dept.) couldn’t figure out and Desmond and his mechanics found the issue and fixed it. The car runs great . Really Happy with the results. They really do , good work over there.I left there with Peace of Mind and confident in the work they did. I highly recommend Central Import to everyone !!!!

Richard Marovas Jan 1, 2024

Great service. Super knowledgeable.

Maury Shnier Jan 1, 2024

Big shoutout to Desmond and the whole team at Central Imports. I’ve been servicing and repairing my Mercedes with them for years and I have zero complaints. They go above and beyond! Recently when I was out of town they assisted my mother in delivering my G wagon back to my home after repairs were done on it. Thanks a lot guys!

Ry Riches Jan 1, 2024

Always great service at a fair price.

Stephen Jakob Jan 1, 2024

Best after warranty place in the city. Been going to Central for more than a decade.

Stephen Jakob Mar 3, 2023

Central Import has been taking care of my car for years. Service is A1 and at a fair price.

STEVEN C. Jan 1, 2024

Over 25 years of solid trust here! The best in town.

rafy photography Jan 1, 2024

Professional and affordable service on my 2016 Audi I have no hesitation recommending this garage if you have a German import automobile.

George Fulford Jan 1, 2024

First experience with an oil change on an Audi. Prompt service and the team was communicative and helpful in providing an estimate and breakdown of pricing, which seemed fair. Parking availability was good which made heading in and out much easier than some downtown locations where that's a challenge. Clean lobby/office and a clean looking shop, and seems they take care of customer vehicles being serviced. Great overall experience and will return for business in the future.

Riley Doolittle Jan 1, 2024

Would highly recommend this auto shop! The team is very professional, very helpful & had great prices. They have excellent customer service!

Oliver B Jan 1, 2024

Central Import is wonderful to work with! They're knowledgeable, skilled, and very kind.

Caitlin Heino Jan 1, 2024

I had an issue on my Mercedes and happened to be around the corner of Central Import. Desmond was able to help me out. Great service. Could not recommend more

Laurent atToronto Nov 11, 2023

Messed my vehicle up on a road trip a little while back and I tell you, the noises coming out of my car had me bugged out. It sounded TERRIBLE.. Turns out there was a leak in the exhaust and I had to get it fixed, my brother told me about Central Import and I’m glad I took it there. They diagnosed the problem pretty much right away and had a game plan to get it fixed. I’m relieved, I tell you, and will definitely be coming back if I need future repairs.

Alicia Rawlings Oct 10, 2023

I had some serious repairs that I needed to be done on my car and I was shopping around trying to find a mechanic I felt would do the job right. I knew right away that Central Import’s guys were the ones to go with. It took some time but they did an exceptional job fixing up my car and had me feeling safe back on the road. Kudos guys.

Luis Cohen Oct 10, 2023

I can’t say enough good things about Central Import. I took my Jaguar there for an electrical issue and they fixed it for me. The team is super professional, courteous, and patient when it comes to answering questions.

Sienna Wells Oct 10, 2023

I enjoyed your services it was superb

Stanley Kiptoo Oct 10, 2023

Central import is my trusted partner for maintaining my baby - a 2023 bmw couple suv. I take it there for routine maintenance and would consider them for complex repairs too - although my car is new and hasn't needed them as of yet. Hopefully never lol. But if that happens I'm going to bring it to these gents at Central Import.

Myles Tran Oct 10, 2023

I recently discovered Central Import and I'm so glad I did. They specialize in European car repairs and have a passion for what they do. The staff is friendly, and the customer service is exceptional. They took the time to explain the repair process and offered useful maintenance tips. Central Import is now my go-to place for repairs.

Emma Shannon Oct 10, 2023

i had a good overall experience with central import with my volvo. they are true experts when it comes to european cars. i will definitely be returning to central import in the future.

Cassy Johnston Sep 9, 2023

Central import is a hidden gem of a repair shop. I took my audi there for routine maintenance and I was honestly impressed with how knowledgeable they are. The mechanics are experienced and really take the time to really explain things to you. I'd say they're trustworthy.

Keira Glover Sep 9, 2023

I had a great experience at Central Import when I needed repairs for my Mercedes-Benz. The staff was friendly and professional, and they kept me up to date with the entire process. The mechanics went above and beyond to diagnose and fix the issue. The shop itself has pretty modern equipment, and the attention to deal is appreciated. I would trust them with any future repairs going forward.

Emmanuel L Sep 9, 2023

Central Import is hands down the best place to go for car for european cars in toronto. They are honest, reliable, and always provide excellent service.


Central Import is personally my go-to auto repair shop in Toronto if you own a European car. I took my BMW there for a pretty major repair and they were able to get it fixed in a reasonable time frame. The mechanics are cool guys that are highly skilled and transparent. They provided a transparent explanation of what the issue was and the pricing was relatively fair and competitive. My car is running smoothly now and I highly recommend Central Import.

Alexander Mcbride Sep 9, 2023

After hearing great things they only proved to exceed expectations! Keep up the great work Central Import.

Curtis Waite Aug 8, 2023

Very professional and very honest! I was referred there by a friend. I thought my friend was exaggerating but he was bang on. Central Import have earned my trust and business from now on.

Mo Charania Aug 8, 2023

The team at Central Import are top notch professionals. Fair prices, been going here for over an year. Highly recommend.

Annette Zinn Aug 8, 2023

Great Service. Friendly staff, I will take my vehicle back here again!

Amanda Bennett Jul 7, 2023

Knowledgeable. Professional. Courteous. Not necessarily inexpensive but you are coming here because you have a nice car and want to keep it in good running order. You are paying for quality service. You get value for your money here.

Raj Forrest May 5, 2023

Desmond has been fantastic on both my visits. My first visit was to check no damage to my Audi S3 after clipping a curb (Audi dealership suggested $1800 worth of repairs, none of which were required after the diagnostic here). For my 2nd visit, I called in to report a burning smell. On the phone, he suggested a couple of possibilities. I got there 20 min later, and within 10 minutes of arriving, my car was on a ramp, and I was called in to see the plastic bag fused to the bottom. There was no charge. I am glad there is no warranty left on my car, so I have no need to return to the dealership for regular servicing or diagnostics. This is the kind of place I have been looking for - honest, clean, calm, organized, and great value for money.

Aly Valli Mar 3, 2023

Best automotive repair in Toronto. Just got home from a visit to Desmond, Happy again. For most if not all car owners, we are always skeptical about where is a trustworthy place to take it. This is where to take your vehicle.🙏🏼

Grumpy Oyster Jan 1, 2021

I know I can always trust to bring my car here, it's in good hands. They always go above and beyond to ensure the safety of my car and me. Grateful for the amazing service every time.

Jessie Hernandez Jan 1, 2023